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A note from my Dad on Mitt Romney

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This is a note my dad wrote to his cousin Carol as a response to a forwarded email from her on why people should support Mitt Romney. I haven’t posted the forward, because its internet forward nonsense:
You asked for my response to this e-mail you forwarded. Shame for you! Never-the-less . . . here it is:
There is no doubt in my mind that Mitt Romney is a decent man, with good personal qualities, who treats his family and friends well and wishes life could be sweet for everyone. This, as below, is not relevant, not even necessary for a man or women to be a great president.
I’m sure he also has personal faults: Being for Vietnam and not volunteering to serve in the military as a young man is a downer for me; legally putting money off-shore and out of reach of the IRS is another; saying one thing at one time and place that will put him in good with listeners and then changing the message at another time and place to fit in with different thinking held by a different group also falls short for me. Additionally, lousy critiques of an opponent’s views is a turn off. But faults are not necessarily relevant to a man or women becoming a great president either. We all have faults; we all change our minds. We all are sometimes unfair.
I could go on in this vein but won’t.
For me, here’s the relevant conjunction of qualities for electing a leader: Are his or her ideas and proposals meant to move the society in an appropriate direction? Does he or she have the temperament and intelligence to deal reasonably with contrary reasonable ideas? Does the candidate’s prior experience indicate they have the necessary strength of character, intellectual honesty and curiosity and demonstrated ability to receive and effectively deal with negative information required to be the leader of a nation? These qualities in abundance and, necessarily, in combination are what to look for. Some presidents from our past had them and some didn’t. Political party isn’t the primary factor. The acumen of the electorate usually is. And whites not liking a black guy in our white house is regrettable.
The bottom line: The president has a 3-1/2 year record that is no more than a B- and a past that’s at least a B.
Mr.s Romney’s past is a B- or C and his present (based on his campaign and policy proposals) is, at best, a D-.
Among many negative problems, the nation is in the economic doldrums and President Obama is making the same mistakes President Roosevelt did in his first term — not going FAR ENOUGH in priming the pump. Additionally, he has been far to easy on investment banks and Wall Street.
But Mr. Romney (who, if he sticks with what he says — which he often hasn’t) will take this nation way down the wrong path. For much of the last five decades we’ve been heading in a direction that has put way too much power and money into the hands of the rich (many of whom were born on third base and believe they’ve hit a triple). Four decades ago CEOs made 40 times the income of their typical employee. Today it’s more than 400. When income distribution and wealth distribution is taken into account it becomes clear we are headed for calamity, economic followed by social. It’s bad enough that Democrats are ineffective in leading us to solutions. However, putting the circus owners into all three rings will bring down the tent. And then . . . even the clowns won’t make us happy.
Let me strongly recommend that you check out the information in:

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Written by johnwendle

July 12, 2012 at 12:52 pm

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